Community colleges throughout the State of California follow the same patterns of awarding degrees and certificates.  These patterns correspond to the career goals of their enrolled students.

The vast majority of students attending California community colleges have career goals that fall into one of three general patterns:


1) They want to pursue a career that simply requires a Certificate.  An example of this would be a student who wishes to study carpentry.

2) They want to pursue a career that requires an Associate Degree only.  An example of this would be an individual who wants to become a registered nurse.

3) They want to complete their lower division college courses at a community college and transfer to a four year university to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. An example would be an elementary school teacher.


The Ascending Lights iGraduate Road Maps to Success all begin with a student’s declaring a desired career goal.  If the student is undecided, he or she can use the Career Assessment Tools on this web site to make decisions about careers that would fit their unique talents and interests.


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